Mpact Corrugated

Mpact Corrugated has eleven corrugated plants, producing corrugated board and boxes. Eight plants are located in South Africa in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga, two in Namibia and one in Mozambique.

Worker busy with corrugated board [photo]

We have developed our leading market position by focusing on investments in modern technology and training, customer relationship management and a decentralised operating structure to provide constant improvements to the products we supply.

Our customers include producers of agricultural, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and other durable and non-durable goods that use packaging primarily for the protection of products in transit and for point-of-sale display.

Mpact Corrugated receives the majority of its raw material from the Mpact paper mills. Liners and fluting from these mills are assembled in various combinations to create a wide range of corrugated boards.

In addition to the products already mentioned, Mpact Corrugated manufactures Retail Ready Packaging (RRP). The RRP concept takes the marketing, communication and branding of products right on to the shop floor. It alleviates in-store stock replenishment, enhances consumers’ shopping experience and provides supply chain benefits.

It is easy to identify in a warehouse with the artwork clearly depicting the contents and purpose of the product, and simple to open by hand without tearing the outer liner. In addition, the open cases can be accommodated on automated packing lines without requiring modification. With life-like graphics and full-colour printing, RRP also simplifies product identification for consumers, while the latest “easy-open” features hold great appeal for store owners. Instead of razor opening, RRP containers can now be accessed with pull tabs and/or slide-off lids to reduce the risk of personnel or product damage.

RRP extends to the wine industry, creating more opportunities for wine exports from South Africa and taking the standard corrugated slotted wine carton to a new dimension. The Mpact “Retail Ready” wine carton has received prestigious local and international awards.

Thanks to ongoing work at its innovation centres, Mpact has been perfecting the manufacture of RRP for a number of years and has garnered a reputation for creative and practical designs, thereby differentiating the company in a very competitive industry.