Why Mpact packaging?

Today packaging is an essential marketing tool – it is an integral component of most branding and merchandising strategies. Packaging has a direct influence on the positioning of the product, and can change consumer perceptions of value. We understand that packaging is an essential part of our customers’ branding strategies, and are therefore passionate about involving them in the packaging design process.

Corrugated packaging [photo]

Resilient packaging is also essential in the agricultural industry for instance, playing a substantial ensuring that fresh produce reaches its destination in a condition that will command premium prices.

While there is a debate around the overuse of packaging, products without protection would invariably be destroyed before getting to the market. However, protective quality is not the only important consideration and Mpact has invested significant resources in producing lighter, stronger, more innovative packaging.

Our ongoing investment in modern technology, plants, people and infrastructure provides constant improvement to the products supplied and ensures that we lead the field in the development of innovative packaging.

Corrugated packaging [photo]

We are firmly committed to R&D and have invested resources in the creation of innovation centres with structural and graphic design capabilities. These are uniquely positioned to offer advanced development functions to our customers – especially our customers who do not have their own internal development departments for packaging.

In addition, environmentally-friendly, lightweight packaging is driving packaging development, with cost control a prevailing force. We therefore seek to develop our leading market position in product quality and lightweight capability by continuously improving the quality and design of our products while increasing
the efficiency of production.