Our products

Our product range consists of:

Corrugated packaging [photo]

  • Hand erected regular slotted containers
  • Hand erected die-cut containers
  • Machine erected regular slotted containers
  • Machine erected die-cut containers
  • High-graphic printed containers

We produce corrugated packaging products for a diverse range of customers in the commercial, industrial and agricultural markets. Our sites are fully equipped to cater for various and specified corrugated packaging needs, and we pride ourselves in meeting local and export market requirements, having a capacity to produce 12 000 tonnes of
corrugated packaging, both printed and unprinted, per year.

We believe in investing in state-of-the-art technology, continuously upgrading our equipment, people and infrastructure to provide on-going improvement to the products we manufacture.

Employing over 100 people, all equipped with deep knowledge and experience gained over many years, we are well positioned for growth, and offer unrivalled commitment, dedication and focus in terms of the products we produce.

Our main factory is situated in Walvis Bay, while our sheet plant is in Windhoek; both factories service a broad range of customers in different industries.